Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Drought Buster

Drought has drained our area for many seasons and in a city that very nearly worships trees, that spells trouble. Though most things stayed green we were given dire predictions of running completely out of drinking water by a certain time. Would everyone have to move away and the city die? Penalties were charged for watering lawns perhaps showers were next. “Conserve,” the utility officials threatened, “or we’ll raise your rates!” We conserved. “Because you conserved, we’re raising your rates!” (They could no longer make enough money.)

I worried for a time but soon remembered to pray. The Bible says that Elijah was an ordinary man like us (!) but he prayed for the rain to stop and then to begin again, indicating that the average Christian could pray the same (and more!) (James 5:16b,17)

God answered my prayer and those of many others. The rain had definitely picked up but in the eyes of the forecasters, it was never enough. Somehow they thought that all the deficit of the past year had to be made up this year. The land and the lakes simply can’t contain that much. Some of the lakes had already regained their fill. Yet, forecasters longed for a tropical system to “bring us much-needed rain.”

Be careful what you wish for! Apparently tropical storm “Fay” has made her soggy way to us, disgorging (in my area) from ten to twelve inches in forty-eight hours! Contrasted with some areas it doesn’t seem like a lot but for us it’s tremendous! This morning boats evacuated “hundreds” of residents to a nearby high school while major roads were closed around submerged cars. More rain is expected this afternoon. It will eventually run off or be absorbed but not until many homes and cars are ruined (much worse in other states!)

I’m not sure what to conclude from this situation other than it’s not worth getting distraught over dire predictions—the weather does change and change again, especially with prayer. I absolutely believe in conserving water and have long watched the drops and gallons but I realize that officials in their “long range predictions” don’t truly consider all the variables and results of their edicts. And I have to wonder if wishing for “a tropical system to bring much-needed rain” isn’t greedy?

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